Learn and have fun at Biomuseo Panama


Learn and have fun at Biomuseo Panama

Learn and have fun at Biomuseo Panama

Learn and have fun at Biomuseo Panama

Learn and have fun at Biomuseo Panama

Biomuseo, or the Museum of Biodiversity, is a natural history museum in Panama City, focused on changing the way we understand and relate to nature and its wealth. It is located at the mainland end of the iconic Amador Causeway and is open to the public on Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If you are visiting with your family, or you are passionate about ecosystems, then Biomuseo Panama is an unmissable visit. Join us as we review everything you can see and learn in this incredible place.

Biomuseo Panama, a truly special place

Biomuseo Panama, a truly special place

Construction of the Biomuseo building began in 2006 and was carried out by the famous Canadian architect Frank Gehry, known for his creative buildings, with shapes and designs as colorful and peculiar as they are innovative.

With more than 4,000 square meters and eight permanent exhibition galleries, the museum is the perfect place to satisfy the curiosity of the young and old. Since its opening, it has hosted

multiple temporary exhibitions and has also established itself as a meeting point between citizens and science.

It also has a free botanical park, designed by landscape designer Edwina von Gal, which is actually a living extension of the museum. Here you will find endemic and native plants that attract pollinators of all species, turning the space into a dynamic and unique experience.

Things to do in the Biomuseo Panama

Things to do in the Biomuseo Panama

The museum’s permanent exhibits include a variety of topics, ranging from the planet’s biodiversity, through the evolution of the passage of humans and even an interactive room with modern technology. These are:

● Showcase of Biodivsersity

○ A gallery centered around the region’s biodiversity.

● Panamarama

○ An audiovisual space that immerses you in the natural wonders of Panama.

● Building the Bridge

○ A room that tells the story of the Isthmus of Panama and its importance.

● World Collide

○ A representation of the species that began to cross the isthmus, 3 million years ago.

● The Human Path

○ Sixteen columns that tell the history of human on the isthmus.

● Oceans Divided

○ A sample of the evolution of the Pacific and the Caribbean, in two large aquariums.

● The Living Web

○ A 15-meter sculpture that gives all creatures the same importance.

● Panama is the Museum

○ An interactive room for the user to explore the history of Panama in an innovative way.

Also, currently, Biomuseo Panama has two temporary exhibitions:

● Extinction

○ An exhibition that talks about the end of the species and the human impact on it.

● Your New City

○ A traveling exhibition that talks about climate change and cities.

Remember that these can change, so we recommend that you visit the museum’s page directly to confirm which exhibitions are currently in.

Additionally, throughout the month, the museum has theme days and scheduled activities, which you can check here.

Without a doubt, Biomuseo Panama is a wonderful visit, where both children and adults will spend an unforgettable moment, remembering how fun it is to learn in a dynamic way while reconnecting with nature.

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